Bottle Blaster Rocket System

Bottle Blaster Rocket System

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The Bottle Blaster Rocket System turns your ordinary garden hose to an easy-to-use bottle rocket launcher! No pumps or compressed air are required, and it works with virtually any plastic soda bottle. Here’s how it works:

  1. Attach the launcher to the end of your hose and turn the hose on. The quick release has an inner valve that will prevent any water from spraying if the Bottle Blaster nozzle is not present.

  2. Screw on the Bottle Blaster nozzle to an empty soda bottle.

  3. Push the nozzle into the launcher until you hear a “click”. The bottle will automatically fill with water and almost instantly reach maximum pressure.

  4. Pull back the collar on the launcher to release your rocket.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for hours of fun.

The Bottle Blaster can shoot over 20 feet straight in the air or up to 50 feet in distance using only the natural pressure from your hose. If that seems like too much to contain in your backyard you can always scale back the power by not turning the hose on all of the way.

The Starter Kit includes: 2 Bottle Blaster nozzles and 1 launcher.

Double Trouble Kit includes: 4 Bottle Blaster nozzles and 2 launchers.

Shootout Kit includes: 8 Bottle Blaster nozzles and 2 launchers.

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The Bottle Blaster uses a specially designed rocket nozzle. One end of the nozzle screws right onto a bottle and the other end is made to work with any standard garden hose quick-connect system.  A valve inside the the quick connect makes it so that water only leaves the hose when the bottle is in place.