Avatar White Lotus Coaster Set

Avatar White Lotus Coaster Set


5 Laser Engraved Cork Coasters featuring the 5 members of the White Lotus who were instrumental in retaking the city of Ba Sing Se.

The back side of the coaster is customizable and can have the basic White Lotus emblem, the basic emblem with element symbols, or the intricate emblems.

Characters Included in the set:

  • Iroh (Grand Lotus): Known as the "Dragon of the West", Iroh is the Fire Lord's brother and the uncle of the future fire lord, Zuko. He learned to redirect lightening by watching the water benders.
  • Bumi : Bumi is the displaced king of Omashu. He was a friend of Avatar Aang before he was frozen, making Bumi about 112 years old. He is an out-of-the-box thinker and somehow manages to balance his apparent insanity with the stability of an Earth Bending Master.
  • Jeong Jeong: Known as "Jeong Jeong the Deserter", he was the first man to betray the fire nation and live.  Jeong Jeong fears the destructive nature of fire and uses a distinctive defensive style in his bending that stands out from the typical aggressiveness of the other firebenders
  • Pakku: Pakku is the waterbending master who taught both Aang and Katara in the North Pole.
  • Piandao: Piandao is a native to the Fire Nation who possesses no bending abilities.  He is however, a master swordsman (and a master at making swords).  He teaches Sokka in the way of the sword even though he knows that Sokka is from the water tribe.

Coasters are 4" in diameter and 5/16" Thick

Lotus Style:
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These Avatar White Lotus Coasters are perfect for any Avatar: The Last Airbender fans who still cling to the ancient ways of the White Lotus