Castle Dice Tower and Dice Storage for Tabletop Games (D&D)

Castle Dice Tower and Dice Storage for Tabletop Games (D&D)


This 3D-printed dice tower is perfect for all of your tabletop gaming needs. It works perfectly with all D&D dice including the D4 and D20. Simply drop the dice into the top of the tower and they will tumble down the spiral staircase into the collection dish. This design keeps your rolls contained and makes sure that every roll is completely random.

The collection dish also doubles as a lid for the storage compartment. When you are done playing, simply place the card-stock disk in the top of the tower, drop in all of your dice, then twist-lock the lid into place. Your dice will be completely contained within the tower so that you can conveniently take your dice and tower anywhere.

The tower is available in 9 different colors of high-quality PLA plastic. Choose from:

  • Black

  • White

  • Grey

  • Red

  • Purple

  • Blue

  • Translucent

  • Orange

  • Sky Blue

The Main Tower Piece is 4.5” tall with a 3.25” diameter. The tower comes with the Main Tower Piece, a Collection Dish/Storage Lid, and a Dice-Retaining Disk. It does not come with any dice, but works with all standard-sized dice.

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